Susan Batten ArabTRUST Chair August Update

Susan Batten ArabTRUST Chair August Update
13 Aug

Susan Batten ArabTRUST Chair August Update

As part of our commitment to communicate with our members, this is the first of my regular updates as Chair of ArabTRUST.

It has been a busy few weeks for ArabTRUST, with the Board strengthening that will help us to commit to future fund raising and other projects. We continue to meet our aims and objectives by continuing to invest in the club by supporting Youth Development and other community based projects. 

With the under 16’s winning the Oakham tournament this week for the second year in a row, it’s clear our ongoing investment in Youth Development at Dundee United via the Youth Development Board is paying off. We congratulate the team and staff on such a fantastic achievement.

Our first Race Night with Football Memories was well supported and helped make the evening a great success. I would like to thank the Youth Development players Archie Thomas, Kieran Inglis, Logan Chalmers and Luc Bollan, for doing a great job as race bookies, everyone who attended and all those involved in organising the event. We wouldn't have achieved nearly as much without their contributions.

We’ll update you shortly on the results from the evening with all proceeds going to Football Memories and Youth Development.

I mentioned in my announcement there would be meet and greet sessions and I can confirm that the first 1 hour session will be held prior to kick off at our next league home game on 25th August 2018, the time and location is yet to be confirmed. This will give you an opportunity to come and meet me and some of the other board members. So, if you wish to pop along, even if it’s just to say hello, raise anything with us or you would like us to raise anything with the club via our Associate Director Stuart Campbell, then I look forward to seeing you.

Following the contact we made back in January with the other supporter’s groups in relation to the potential tribute to Jim McLean I am pleased to say that it has been agreed that the supporter groups attending the SLG have agreed to form a steering committee to get this great project underway. This is an exciting project and fantastic opportunity for all supporter groups to work together in paying tribute to such a great club icon. Further details will be issued at later date

You will hopefully have seen the start of our recent membership campaign. The aim is to increase our membership numbers to help us to continue raising funds for the future of Dundee United and as the club’s partner in Diversity and Inclusion we want to get our message out to the wider community. If you can help us do that in anyway, that would be very helpful.

I look forward to seeing you on the 25th August, but if you cannot make that date don’t worry, we will be announcing more dates soon, alternatively you can contact me via email on

Susan Batten
ArabTRUST Chair