Supporters Liaison Group Notes 4th August 2018

Supporters Liaison Group Notes 4th August 2018
27 Aug

Supporters Liaison Group Meeting Notes


Present:- Colin Stewart (DUFC -Chair), David Dorward (DUFC) Maureen Phillips (Independent), Blair Louden (Independent), Steven Drake (Independent), Dennis McGurk (DUSF), Andy McCarle (DUSF), Kay Sievewright (ULT), Linda Fletcher (ULT), Stuart Campbell (ArabTrust), Tom Cairns (DUBC), Peter McBride (DUBC), John Lindsay (Independent), David Davidson (Fans Utd), Sid Loftus (Fans Utd), Stewart Haddow (Independent), Doug Kennedy (Independent)

Apologies: Moira Hughes, Graham McLaren (Independent)

Minutes: Michelle Simpson Guest Speakers: David Southern; Csaba Lazlo

Colin welcomed everyone to the meeting. All members introduced themselves

Colin introduced David Southern to the meeting who acknowledged the importance of fans’ support and thanked the group for their input. David answered questions from the group regarding changes within the Club. These have resulted from a change in leadership and the Club now working within stricter guidelines and business structure. Tannadice is being utilised more – for example, the new West End Flooring Suites in George Fox Upper will hopefully be used for events out with matchdays. The Chairman (DUFC) has been the driving force for positive changes within the Club. Performance-wise, the belief that we can gain promotion is there. The new squad has a stronger mentality. David reminded everyone that this summer has been the manager’s first summer transfer window and we now have a stronger squad, with 2 players for each position and still looking at another forward player.

It has been acknowledged that mistakes were made during the League Cup campaign, but lessons have been learned and expectations for going forward are clear. David asked that supporters consider the league season in 9-game blocks, where we will have faced each opponent once, as this will give an indication of how we are doing. The target is to win around 6 out of these 9 matches. The board has backed the management team, giving them the chance to perform with their own team and continental style of training.

David informed the group that the Irn Bru Cup will be an opportunity for Craig Easton to allow the reserves the chance to play and develop. When asked about positive interactions between players and fans, David reminded everyone that it is two-way. Negative comments towards players affect them and their confidence and players are reluctant to take risks without support.

Colin welcomed Csaba Lazlo to the group and invited him to speak to everyone about the changes to the team. Csaba reminded the group that what had been put in place in the past few years hasn’t worked and that changes take time. The management team have been trusted to rebuild the team and have accepted the responsibility that comes with this. The Club’s Chairman has shown his faith in the changes and his own commitment to the Club, leading from the front. Csaba reiterated the changes to players’ contracts and conditions. He understands the fans’ frustrations, but the team needs support. There have been difficulties attracting quality players to a Championship side, but we have a strong club with a strong board and a hopefully strong team. The priority is to move Dundee United forward. When asked about the commitment of the team, Csaba admitted there were elements that still needed working on, but he is developing a team spirit in the dressing room.

Supporters’ Charter. Colin asked all members of the group to look over the current Supporters’ Charter and feedback with any comments or suggestions by 7th September 2018
Update from groups: ArabTrust – Susan Batten is the new chairperson of the group and she will be looking to meet with other groups soon. Fundraising efforts are underway, including their upcoming Race Night and plans for collecting for a Jim McLean statue were discussed *(summary of previous discussions below) ULT – causes that are being supported by the group this season are the Dundee United Community Trust and the Dundee United Youth Development Board. Fundraising efforts will begin shortly, including the annual Christmas Fayre. The group will also be working with ArabTrust on a Period Poverty campaign and will continue to give their time and efforts to supporting the Club in any way they can. DUBC – the group support the Club with tours, displays, mascots and ball persons as well as the recent Meet the Players Day. They will continue to support the Club in any way they can including revamping the Boardroom display. Fans United – the group are pleased to be engaging with the SLG and have a positive interaction with the Club. They intend to allow different reps to attend the meetings to allow a wider interaction with supporters. DUSF – the group will also be offering members the opportunity to attend SLG meetings. The group also informed the group of fundraising efforts towards the Jim McLean statue fund (details below). The group wish to continue engaging with the Club and will request a meeting with any potential future investors. They currently have between 570-600 members.

AOCB o Jim McLean statue, Both ArabTRUST and the DUSF fed back to the groups that they were both proactive in driving forward realising a statue of Jim Mclean
During discussions, DUSF reps provided information of their "League winning poster” scheme and intimated that all profits generated would be donated towards realising the above.
Further to this, it was agreed that the best way forward was to have all Supporters groups involved (including independent SLG reps) and that a manageable representative committee be established and meet on an agreed basis to take forward the realisation of this project and come to agreement on how to raise the funds required
CS would liaise with the Club and keep them informed of the progress and decisions made and provide feedback when and as the project takes shape.
SLG notes posted on the Club`s website would be a record of the meeting held and in no way would be a specific communication platform for any of the Supporters Groups represented.

Singing Section, Regarding the previously discussed singing section, there will be a meeting on Tuesday 7th August to finalise logistics. Initial plans are for the group to sit in the Jerry Kerr stand and to start at the Partick Thistle match on 25th August.

Next Meeting: 29th September 2018 Previous Minutes on Jim McLean statue: 23/9/17 •ArabTRUST have agreed to lead the fundraising efforts required to erect a statue honouring Jim McLean. The project is estimated to cost around £75,000 and potential locations for the statue have already been identified. ArabTRUST asked if other supporter groups would be willing to support fundraising efforts. Feedback around the table was positive and representatives will approach their respective groups and respond at the next meeting. A sub-group for running the project will be established once interest has been gathered. 23/12/17, Stuart was invited to give an update on the Jim McLean statue on behalf of ArabTrust. Supporters’ groups have been contacted and there is a deadline of January for responses from those interested in helping. A meeting will then be arranged to decide methods of fundraising and logistics. Stuart emphasised that while ArabTrust are facilitating this initial phase, the project will be for all fans to access and support.