Summary of SLG Meeting 14 January 2019

Summary of SLG Meeting 14 January 2019
16 Jan

Summary of SLG Meeting 14th January 2019


The new Board of Dundee United FC were present at the meeting which consisted of:

Mark Ogren
Scott Ogren
David Dorward – Director
Jimmy Fyffe – Director
Mal Brannigan – Newly appointed Managing Director
Tony Asghar – Newly appointed Sporting Director
Derek Bond – Newly appointed Finance Consultant
Colin Stewart – Associate Director
Robbie Neilson – Head Coach

Representing Supporters: ArabTRUST, Dundee United Business Club, Dundee United Supporters Foundation, Fans United, Federation of DUSC, ULT and Independent fan representatives.

ArabTRUST was represented by Stuart Campbell and Susan Batten. In Stuart’s position as an Associate Director, he had spoken to other members of the Board prior to the meeting and agreed not to ask too many questions in order to allow others the opportunity to ask questions. Stuart of course is in constant contact with the Board and has the ability to raise questions and points on a daily basis if necessary.

The meeting was opened by Colin Stewart requesting that all fan representatives refrained from issuing details of the meeting ahead of the Club's press conference which was taking place today. (15th January 2019).

Mark Ogren gave a summary of his other sporting business activities and explained that he and Scott had been activity looking at European football clubs with a view to purchasing a club and that when the opportunity to purchase Dundee United was identified they were attracted to the club because of the rich history and past successes and felt it was an attractive opportunity that would give them a real opportunity to make a difference. He added, their short-term goal is to get Dundee United promoted.

Their long term goal however, is to get Dundee United back into European football, as well as to make money, however, to do this, investment into the club is key, which will include Youth Development.
Mark also confirmed that there will be funding available to help Robbie bring in players to further strengthen the playing squad. Importantly, Mark also, confirmed that there are no plans for any ground share or merger, and in addition, there are plans in place to repay the outstanding loan against Tannadice and acquire back the GA arena within the next 12 months.

Mark highlighted that the Board in place now are experts and are there to run the Club for him and emphasised how important it is to have local Directors, Jimmy and David on the Board as well.
Tony Asghar explained his role as Sporting Director which includes short and long term strategies, supporting Robbie with the recruitment process and allow Robbie to make all football decisions and to help and review the academy and try to get back to developing good local players.

Derek Bond explained he had been involved in due diligence in the purchase of the club on behalf of the Ogren family and has been retained by the club on a consultancy basis to advise on the financial matters of the club.

Mal Brannigan explained his role in the club is to run the business side of the club and that he will make all the final decisions. His background consists of more than 20 years in various senior roles in several companies including football clubs. Mal will review all areas of the club in an effort to ensure the club runs as efficiently as possible.

A summary about each supporter group was provided to the Board.

In addition, to the above summary, a press conference was held at Tannadice today when the Board answered further questions.

If there are any questions you would like us to raise, please email me at and we will either take these directly to the board or raise these on your behalf at the next SLG on the 2nd February 2019.

Susan Batten
ArabTRUST Chair