Stuart Campbell ArabTRUST Associate Director Blog - August 2018

Stuart Campbell ArabTRUST Associate Director Blog - August 2018
29 Jul

Stuart Campbell Blog August 2018

Its difficult to know where to start, almost every department at the club has changed over the last few months, we have a team full of new players, improved hospitality and more planned and there has been a major change in shareholding, it really doesn’t get more radical than that.

ArabTRUST’s view is that we are supportive of the changes made to date but understand that change can be difficult even painful especially for the people directly involved and that change sometimes takes time to show the desired results but radical change at the club was needed and overdue.

We at ArabTRUST haven’t been immune to the need for change and as you saw with our earlier announcement of Susan Batten taking over as Chairperson we’ve recognised that and are making the changes that will see us ready to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

On the playing front we’re as disappointed as anyone with the majority of results in the BetFred Cup but the managers statements make it clear that everything is aimed at getting the league season off to a flyer starting with the game against Dunfermline for the good of everyone at the club and all of us as fans we must deliver on the park in the coming season and achieve promotion.

I might be going to open myself up to criticism here but we all want the same thing, we want Dundee United to be successful and get promoted this season so with that in mind I’d urge everyone to ignore the people who seem to thrive on real or imagined negativity on or off the park, I really believe that the best chance we have of promotion this season is if as many fans as possible get behind the team, the new players need to feel that the fans are behind them, don’t think that the players don’t know whats being said about them and being human its got to have an effect and we should try and make that effect as positive as possible, the old saying still holds true, the fans really can be the 12th man.

Stuart Campbell
Associate Director - ArabTRUST