Statement from the Board of ArabTRUST and the Committee of the Federation of Dundee United Supporters Clubs - 3rd April 2015

Statement from the Board of ArabTRUST and the Committee of the Federation of Dundee United Supporters Clubs - 3rd April 2015
03 Apr

We are hugely disappointed at the suggestion in the Dundee United statement of 3rd April 2015 that ArabTRUST and the Federation of Dundee United Supporters Clubs have been 'perpetuating the inaccurate suggestion that the manager of Dundee United and/or other employees may have benefited through the payment of over £500,000 in relation to transfer activity'. This adds to media reports of the false accusation that we leaked confidential information that had been provided.

We are sure that the Dundee United Board members who were present at the meeting of 26th March would appreciate that we have respected the confidentiality of some very sensitive information provided. This was agreed at the meeting - and we will continue to honour that - given that the Dundee United Chairman stated he was afraid of potential legal action based on what he was telling those present.

We cannot control how the media interpret a statement. Indeed, the only person who has been attributed comments in the press has been the Dundee United Chairman. Whilst we have kept a dignified silence since our statement was published, there has been a barrage of media spin in the last 24 hours from the Dundee United Board following an initial balanced statement yesterday afternoon. This further highlights one of our original concerns in our questions to the club i.e. the communications from the Dundee United Board.

At no point in our statement of 1st April did we imply, far less name, anyone who may have benefited from the transfers of the four players mentioned. We were concerned around 'commission' payments that the club had informed us of. However, they would not outline who they had been paid to - it now appears to be confirmed that Jackie McNamara was one recipient although we would continue to ask the club who else has been in receipt of these 'commissions'?

Our exact points are that we required a full breakdown of the transfer income leaving the club, as we were worried that the information shared at the meeting by the club was incomplete. The club did provide clarity in certain areas (which again we have kept confidential) and this is how we arrived at the 'over £500,000' stated. Despite the club promising us a full breakdown as an action from the meeting last Thursday, they have still failed to provide this. We would hope that the confidential provision of this would allow closure of the matter.

We repeat the original point we made at the meeting on 26th March and in our statement of 1st April that the shareholders in the club (of which both organisations are) and fans (of whom we are the main representative bodies) deserve to know where the funds that leave our club go. Every penny that leaves the club is one less to be invested in the playing side - which everyone will agree is the most important part of football.

Whilst we remain disappointed with the Dundee United Board's communications, we urge all United fans to head to Tannadice tomorrow to roar the team on. A victory tomorrow is required to set us up for the massively important derby on Wednesday.