Potential Tribute for Jim McLean

Potential Tribute for Jim McLean
18 Dec

Following on from discussions at a recent Supporter Liaison Group meeting around some kind of tribute (possibly a statue) to in many people’s eyes the most iconic figure in our club’s history, Jim McLean.

ArabTRUST have contacted supporters groups The Federation of Dundee United Supporters Clubs, United Ladies of Tannadice, Dundee United Business Club, Fans United and Dundee United Supporters' Foundation to establish if there is interest in arranging a meeting to see the formation of a steering committee drawing on all supporters groups as well as any individuals interested in helping with this project to get things up and running.

If your not attached to any of the organised supporters groups and you would like get involved please contact us on


We do not see ourselves as leading this project but are happy to facilitate the initial meeting until a formal committee is put in place to take things forward. While hopefully having representatives from as many groups as possible we would see the committee as being independent from the individual groups with its own governance and bank account etc.

Once we have received responses from all groups we will issue an update and arrange a first meeting if there is sufficient interest based on the initial responses.