28 Aug



Present:- Colin Stewart(Chair), Maureen Phillips (Independent), Stuart Campbell(Arabtrust),Kay Sievewright(ULT), Tom Cairns (DUBC)

Apologies: Moira Hughes(Disability Liaison Officer)

Invited along to the meeting was David Southern, General Manager of Dundee United FC.

• Colin Stewart welcomed everyone and outlined plans for the New Season SLG.

• David Southern gave a presentation on his role and areas of the business he is active within. Please find a separate report here relating to the above here.

• An outline was given of proposed expanded SLG. The SLG will have two meetings with the Club Board during the current season and the group is to be expanded with an invitation to be made shortly allotting places for all established supporters groups with the remaining seats to be offered to fans who register interest in being involved in an independent capacity.

• A discussion ensued regarding the supporters groups meeting with the board held on June 2nd, 2017 at Tannadice Park and all agreed it was a good meeting with all parties taking the opportunity to make their views known.

• The summary letter of the above meeting was subject to various delays but has been sent out to all parties and their comments are awaited. Unfortunately, delays in publishing the summary have caused a delay with SLG plans for this season.

• It was confirmed that Associate Director David Dorward would join the SLG shortly and a media release is to be issued looking for new committee members.

• Associate Directors Colin Stewart and David Dorward recently met with the Federation of Dundee United Supporters representatives and amongst the items discussed was that the Fed DUSC wish to see the George Fox Stand returned to pay at the gate. The suggestion was noted by the Club. However, it was felt that the reasons for putting the current system in place remained and the status quo would continue.

• On ticketing, it was noted that the Club is to open only the George Fox lower stand for the upcoming Irn-Bru Cup game v Alloa.

• CS then confirmed the DUFC Board feel that the SLG is the correct platform for all supporter groups to communicate with all key members and invite all recognised supporters groups to become involved in these regular meetings.

• Colin Stewart stated that if required he may establish a constitution for this group.

• With regards communications involving SLG, Kay Sievewright has invoked a system with the first point of contact to be Moira Hughes. Moira who is the Club's Supporters Liaison Officer and is currently engaged in discussions with DUFC management to increase the number of Supporters Liaison Officers.

• A discussion ensued about the structure of meetings it has been decided not to rotate choice of Chairperson but presently to rotate summary notetaker unless someone can offer their services for that role. This position has now been filled.

• It was also decided to invite David Southern to return and address the by then enlarged SLG at our meeting scheduled for December 23rd.

• It was agreed that summary notes should be published as soon as possible.

• Correct procedures and protocol at SLG meetings were briefly discussed.

• A discussion regarding a tribute to Jim McLean taking the form of a statue or possibly a bust situated within the football club. This point had been raised byArabTRUST and in the discussions that followed it became apparent that all supporters groups present unanimously supported some form of public funding for this and asked if Arabtrust would consider heading this worthy cause with the backing of all present.

• The discussion then moved on to SPFL/SFA statements regarding the HMRC situation with Rangers. The Club had received correspondence from Arabtrust relating to this matter. It was noted that the Club feel they are only one of 42 member clubs and have no appetite to pursue this external issue over the more pressing internal business.

• The next point raised was Equality/Diversity. It was agreed that the Club has a strong position on this matter. examples including 'Show racism the red card' seminars and the various community programmes that DUCT commit to, alongside the value the Club places on ULT supoorters' club and DUWFC ensures this is so. It is believed that any action required should the need arise is covered in our supporters charter. The Club assured everyone action in such matters would be swift.


• Chairman offered thanks to Dundee United Business Club for their organisation of the recent “Meet the Players Day”.

• Thanks were also extended to the Youth Development Board for their input as the Club most certainly intend to continue their push towards involvement in “Project Brave”.

• A question was asked re Dundee United Supporters Foundation involvement within the SLG and CS confirmed that a meeting between the DUFC board and Dundee United Supporters Foundation was being arranged and the outcome of that meeting would make the position clearer.

• Arabtrust and DUBC stated they had been approached by the Foundation to address their meetings and DUBC have agreed that request for the DUSF

September 28th meeting.

The meeting ended after 2hrs and 45 minutes