DUCT Helps Dundee's Revive and Restore Cafe

DUCT Helps Dundee's Revive and Restore Cafe
04 Aug

Dundee United Community Trust (DUCT) are helping recovering drug users in the city by bringing coaching sessions to a support group.

DUCT made contact with Dundee’s Revive and Restore Café (or R & R for short) after hearing about the important work being carried out by the volunteer-led café, which located in Coldside Church and helps those who want to engage or stay engaged in recovery from dependency problems.

The R&R volunteers provide breakfast, tea and coffee for people battling back from addictions while also offering advice on a variety of programmes. DUCT are now extending the café’s services by providing a scheme involving training and a variety of sports.

Jamie Kirk, head of operations at United’s Community Trust explained: “We can run coaching sessions or even just a kickabout after the people have had a cuppa, a bite to eat and have spoken to whoever helps. Even if there is only one person willing to take part, we will be there to help.

“Initially, it could be just a game of rounders or cricket and the church hall itself is big enough to set up something with our equipment, from cones to small goals.

“It is a real community project and there are families with children who head there for a cuppa and a chat.” Jamie added: “Now we want to play our part at the cafe and other venues around the city.”

For more information about Revive and Restore Café please visit http://coldsidechurch.org.uk/r-r-cafe.html