City of Discovery Icons United for Christmas

City of Discovery Icons United for Christmas
23 Nov

It's a well known fact that "Santa is an Arab" and this year Santa has sent a special Tangerine Army to the City of Discovery to collect everyone's Christmas wish lists.

The Dundee Penguins spotted on the march wearing their "Santa is an Arab" Hats

You too can join the Christmas Tangerine Army with the "Santa is an Arab" Hat.

Minnie the Minx doing her bit this Christmas between "Minxing" and causing trouble

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Even Desperate Dan's faithful Dawg was getting in on the festive cheer

Make it a Tangerine Christmas at Tannadice against Celtic and Dundee.

Send us your "Santa is an Arab" Hat photos this Christmas and we will share them on Facebook and Twitter. Use #SantaHatSelfie to spread the Tanngerine cheer this Christmas.

Photos by Moira Hughes