ArabTRUST Members Survey & Update

ArabTRUST Members Survey & Update
15 Aug

ArabTRUST Members Survey & Update

It is only the second week of August and already United have played 8 competitive games so far this season! It was great to start off by topping our league cup group, and while it was then disappointing to get knocked out in a derby in the grand scheme of things to start the league campaign with two victories is probably far more important. There is a real positivity about the team with many of the recent signings already making a big impact on the team, none more than Paul McMullan who dominated the voting for the July ArabTRUST player of the month. I am sure he will have been disappointed to be shown a red card against QoS, but the team dug in to get what could yet turn out to be a vital 3 points There is obviously still along way to go but at this time there is plenty to look forward to for the rest of the season and with some of the more recent signings still to establish themselves fully hopefully the team will go from strength to strength.

We recently asked members to complete our first ever member's survey and I would like to thank everybody who took the time to complete this. It is important that we understand the views of our members and a summary of the results is noted at the end of this e-news. There were many encouraging points in the results around our commitment to both youth and community matters but also areas to work on like engaging more with our members. We will take time to consider the results and will issue updates on progress over the coming weeks. Our first action is to provide more regular updates to our members and this e-news is the one of the first of these and we are looking at other ways of keeping our members updated on what we are working on. For the most up-to-date news please follow us on Twitter and Facebook and hopefully you will also have seen the first blog from our Associate Director, Stuart Campbell and these will continue through the season.

Like last season we will be continuing with our popular member's draws to win hospitality for 2 at Tannadice. We will have places available each month from September through to April and we will making the draw for the first winners over the next couple of weeks. This is a great way for us to say thanks for the support of our members and also invest some money in the club. Make sure you keep your membership up to date to ensure you are part of the draws.

Over the summer months we have also been been working hard to establish the Youth Development Board with our colleagues from The Business Club and DUDA and more details of what we have working on will be published in the near future. ArabTRUST see youth development as a key to future success of the club and reiterate our current commitment to invest all membership income in the Youth Development Board. As you may have seen the U16/17 team were winners at the Oakham tournament defeating Manchester United in their last game. The Youth Development Board provided funding for this trip as trips such as this provide an excellent opportunity for the club's youth teams to gain experience by playing against high quality opposition.

On the community side of things our sister Charity the Dundee United Community Trust continues to grow from strength to strength with successful walking sports activities, the ever popular Fit Fans and successful programmes with local schools to name a few of the initiatives they have worked on recently. We should also not forget the United for Kids appeal which again saw season tickets being given to children from some of the most disadvantaged backgrounds and it was great to see so many of them at the recent launch event and thank you to everybody who has donated to this great cause.

Finally a huge thanks for the continued support of all of our members which means we can contribute in a positive way to so much to many activities in and around the club.

Gavin Muir
Chairman ArabTRUST

Results of ArabTRUST Member Survey July 2017

Q1. What is your gender

Female 17%
Male 83%

Q2. What is your age

Under 18 3%
18 - 30 4%
31 - 45 20%
46 - 60 45%
61 and above 28%

Q3. Attending games

Home Games
I attend every home game 60%
I attend around half of home games 7%
I attend a few home games 25%
I don't attend home games 8%

Away Games

I attend every away game 13%

I attend around half of away games 16%
I attend a few away games 52%
I don't attend away games 19%

Q4. Are you a current season ticket holder

I have purchased a 2017/18 season ticket 55%
I have not purchased a 2017/18 season ticket 11%
I intend to purchase a 2017/18 season ticket 1%
I don't intend to purchase a 2017/18 season ticket 33%

Q5. Do you think ArabTRUST is value for money at £15 per year

It's about right 61%
Great value and cheap at the price 35%
A bit too expensive 4%

Q6. Will you be renewing your ArabTRUST membership in the coming year

Yes I will be renewing my membership 84%
I haven't made up my mind yet 14%
No I won't be renewing my membership 2%

Q7. ArabTRUST meets with Dundee United at many levels on an ongoing basis including the Fans Liaison Group and our Associate Director, do you think the current level of contact with the club is

About right 56%
We need to have more contact with the club 43%
We should have less contact with the club 1%

Q8. Are you currently happy with how ArabTRUST is performing in supporting youth development, with 5 stars being most happy and 1 star being least happy

Average rating 4

Q9. Are you currently happy with how ArabTRUST is performing in supporting community development, with 5 stars being most happy and 1 star being least happy

Average rating 4

Q10. Are you currently happy with how ArabTRUST is performing in representing the views of our members, with 5 stars being most happy and 1 star being least happy

Average rating 4

Q11. What type of events would you want the ArabTRUST to organise, social or otherwise

Top 3 Comments received
Family & Kids Events
Race / Quiz Nights
Q & A Sessions with AT Board

Q12. Would you be prepared to give some time to help the ArabTRUST in some way

Yes 43%
No 51%
Don’t Know 6%

Q13. And finally what do you want the ArabTRUST to do that it's not doing now

Top 4 Comments received
Increase more Communication Channels
Continue to do what we are doing
Increase in Ownership in the Club
Interaction with the younger supporter