ArabTRUST AGM 2017 Board Thoughts

ArabTRUST AGM 2017 Board Thoughts
21 Mar

ArabTRUST AGM 2017 Board Thoughts

With the ArabTRUST AGM almost here the current board members gave us some background on the reasons they initially joined the Board and at the same time they looked into their crystal balls on what they would like to see in the future for both the club and the ArabTRUST.

We hope the below helps you get a feel for the ArabTRUST board their motivations and hopes for the future
We’ve split the Board’s comments into two sections

Why did you join the ArabTRUST Board

“I wanted to help the club and the ArabTRUST in some way. I was only to happy to join the board as I believe in its principles, particularly in relation to youth development and community involvement.”

“To help raise money for youth development, but really to help the club in any way I can”

“It was an ideal opportunity to assist United in a positive, constructive way and encourage other fans to join so we could all exert some real influence at the club”

“I believe it is important the club hear the voice of the supporters, and I was keen to get involved in capitalising on the initiatives within the community that ArabTRUST have already achieved”

‘One of my interests for a long time has been how the club could become a force for positive change in the community joining the board has given me that opportunity to try and make that happen”

“I was involved at the time of the formation of ArabTRUST but did not join the Board at that time In recent times however I noticed there were vacancies and together with a few others I decided to lend a helping hand”

What would you like to see in the future

“Like most supporters I want a successful team on the pitch playing attractive football. That has to be the goal of a well run company with a sound youth development focus where any profits are reinvested in the personnel and facilities”

“I would like to see the club become a true Community Club run and owned from within the local community for the benefit of both the club itself and the wider community, I don’t have a fixed view on how the ownership of the club would look but a founding principal should be that the club is there for the local community as a whole”

“I would like a complete change of ownership at Board level as I have lost all faith in those running the organisation. I believe the present club Board are incapable of sorting out the mess the club are in at the moment. Partial ownership by the fans/community of up to 25% would be good”

“I would like to see DUFC back playing in top flight football again, with future investment, (Investor and fans) so that the club can progress to competing in Europe again with more focus on building a bigger stronger academy for the future”

“I would hope to see the club once again at the top end of the Scottish game with a flourishing youth set up to the point where we have young players joining the first team squad every year”

“I would like to see a change in ArabTRUST membership structure so that members can subscribe a minimum of say £5/month (supporters can subscribe what they want) and all those funds are invested in youth development with some form of fund matching from the club”

“I want us to be a genuine community club operating with an effective youth development programme. ArabTRUST would own around 25% of shareholding and be represented by at least one full Director with ideally three other Directors each with a similar number of shares who would be from local businesses taking us away from the single powerful owner model”