An Opportunity to Join the ArabTRUST Board

An Opportunity to Join the ArabTRUST Board
07 Dec

ArabTRUST Opportunity we need your Help

Over the last few weeks we've been hard at work reviewing our current, short and medium term commitments running through to the end of 2018 and to cut a long story short we need your help.

We would like to extend an invitation, we are looking for people who feel that they can commit the time to talk to us about joining the ArabTRUST board and helping further the aims and objectives of the ArabTrust.

The main areas we will see substantial growth are in supporting the newly formed Dundee United Youth Development Board and Dundee United's community work either through the Dundee United Community Trust or directly with the ArabTRUST in the areas of Inclusion and Diversity.

So if any of the above interests you and you want to get involved in what will be an exciting time for the ArabTRUST contact us by emailing us on the following link.