Alastair "Breeks" Brodie

03 Aug

Alastair “Breeks” Brodie, owner of Groucho’s and Arab Trust Foundation Member, died on Tuesday 30 July after a short stay in hospital. Tributes have since flowed in all week to this remarkable man.

Breeks’ tireless work on behalf of Arab Trust will never be forgotten and, on behalf of the Trust, Chairperson Susan Batten conveyed our thoughts at this time:

It is with great sadness to be informed of the passing of our life member Alistair Breeks Brodie.

Breeks was given the Life Membership honour in recognition of his outstanding and immeasurable contribution to ArabTRUST.

When he joined ArabTRUST he saw the opportunity to raise funds via merchandising and helping to set up the Tangerine Trading Posts which over the years helped raise well into six figures for ArabTRUST and ultimately the club.

Volunteering in the Trading Posts, buying merchandising and helping to organise fundraisers, Breeks has been an important part of both the Dundee United and ArabTRUST’s history over the years but much more than that Breeks played a huge role in Dundee’s music scene with the iconic Groucho’s being the “go to” music store for generations of Dundonians.

Breeks thanks for everything, we’ll miss you.

Our thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.