Why is ArabTRUST here?

ArabTRUST is an organisation where all supporters can get together in a very structured way - making it easy for the Club to understand what the supporters, as a body, feel about a particular issue. It can deliver a single message from a large body of people and the strength of that message is difficult for the Club to ignore.

Dundee United Chairman Mike Martin said, "ArabTRUST continues to perform a number of highly valued functions to the benefit of our Club. Not least of those are their fundraising efforts which, over an extended period, have helped underpin our vitally important Youth Development programme. Their relationship with the club is always constructive, and their voice is an influential barometer of fan opinion and therefore a source of significant input on the many initiatives already underway here at Tannadice. I am well aware that many ArabTRUST members work very hard behind the scenes for the benefit of Dundee United and I’m very grateful for all their efforts. I wish them well in their future endeavours.”

When did it start?

The people who started ArabTRUST - The Dundee United Supporters’ Society - borrowed the basic idea from others.

Many Supporters’ Trusts had been established in England and only a handful in Scotland (Celtic, Aberdeen, Falkirk, Morton, Hibs & Partick Thistle). There was no government funding in Scotland until in April 2001, the then Sports Minister Mike Watson gave Supporters Direct in Scotland £250,000.

Supporters Direct set out to spread the idea and provide help to supporter groups. ArabTRUST was set up with their help.

The Dundee United Business Club, Federation of Dundee United Supporters Clubs, United for Change and a few unaffiliated fans that were interested in the formation of ArabTRUST met to establish the formation of the Dundee United Supporters Society and a working party was formed to prepare the setting up of a Supporters Trust.

ArabTRUST was launched on the 1st February 2003 at the Tangerine Club. In attendance were the late Eddie Thompson - the then United Chairman, Mike Watson MSP, James Proctor (Supporters Direct) and the former players Dave Bowman, Willie Pettigrew, Danny Griffin and the late Jimmy Briggs.

What is a Supporters Trust?

ArabTRUST is formally called 'The Dundee United Supporters Society'. It is registered with the Registry of Friendly Societies.

For those of you that are interested, it is registered under the Industrial and Provident Societies Acts 1965 -1978. Registration number 29504R.

It has a set of 121 Rules (the "Constitution" or "Model Rules" drawn up for us by Cobbetts, solicitors of Manchester) and these give strict guidance to the way it is run. The Registry has approved these Rules and the Registry must also approve any changes. And they will not allow any changes that weaken the principles of ArabTRUST.

The most important of these are:

  • It exists for the benefit of its members (you!)
  • It must be inclusive so that anyone who cares about the Club can join
  • any money it receives can only be used toward achieving its aims
  • It is democratic - one member gets one vote no matter how much money they give

There can be no changes to these principles unless the members as a whole vote for it (in practice this means they will not change).
ArabTRUST has not been set up to replace existing supporters clubs and organisations, but to be an 'umbrella' group where all such bodies can work together with individual supporters to bring the Club closer to the community.

How does ArabTRUST work?

Sub-committees / working parties

There is always far more work to be done than 10 elected members to the Board could ever hope to achieve. So there are a number of sub-committees or working parties formed to get on with the main activities of ArabTRUST. We aim in the near future to co-opt 5 more members on to the Society Board, these co-optees may have specific skills that ArabTRUST feel are required.

The constitution requires a Board Member to Chair each sub-committee to maintain a link to the centre. But each sub-committee relies wholly on the help of members to get the job done.

The sub-committees formed to date are

  • Communications
  • Fundraising
  • Youth & Community
  • Finance / Share purchasing
  • Constitutional

To find out more about these and how you can help, please contact secretary@arabtrust.co.uk
This is a great way to get involved in the work of ArabTRUST and make a real contribution to its success.

What's in it for you?

ArabTRUST exists for the benefit of its members - you!

The aims of ArabTRUST are all about the well-being of the Club, bringing it closer to the community of Dundee and surrounding areas in Angus, Perth & Kinross and Fife. Helping the development of young footballers in the area is also a priority.

By supporting ArabTRUST you support these ideals.

Any money you contribute will help ArabTRUST achieve its aims and all monies will only ever be used for the benefit of Dundee United Football Club.
The cost of running ArabTRUST will be kept to a minimum and will be met from a proportion of the membership fees. Annual Membership for Adults is £15.00 Under 18’s are free. We also set-up a Foundation Membership scheme where £100 including (Annual fee) can help us do more for ArabTRUST.

Its now, after years of trying, that our voice is being heard within the Boardroom at Tannadice.