What Is ArabTRUST?

ArabTRUST - The Dundee United Supporters Society - started in 2003 and is now one of the largest shareholders in The Dundee United Football Company Ltd.

Our strategic aims can best be summarised as supporting Dundee United’s youth and community work through the Dundee United Youth Development Board and Dundee United Community Trust whilst increasing our shareholding on behalf of our members and the wider fanbase, thereby increasing their influence at the Club.

Since its formation, ArabTRUST has invested around £300,000 in Dundee United, with most of this directed towards specific and essential items in youth development and community involvment.

Funds raised by ArabTRUST are used to meet four main aims:

1. Raising funds for the Dundee United Youth Development Board

Sponsorship of non-professional and professional youth development through the Dundee United Youth Development Board. 

2. Assisting with and raising funds for football related community projects

ArabTRUST have been key to the establishment of the Dundee United Community Trust which has been appointed the Club's official charity partner and has taken over all of the club's community activities. DUCT is made up of four nominees from the club, four independent nominees and four nominees from the ArabTRUST.

Including specific funding for the Club’s not for profit community schools project, the organisation of anti-racism and anti-sectarianism seminars for local schools and other community based projects.

Buying shares in The Dundee United Football Company Ltd.

ArabTRUST now holds a major shareholding in Dundee United giving our members a meaningful collective ownership stake in the Club. We pursue a policy of seeking additional shares in Dundee United but in 2019 it was stated by the Club's owners that there are no plans for further shares to be issued to any supporters' group.

Fan Representation

ArabTRUST has an Associate Directorship on the Dundee United Board of Directors to ensure the views of our members are represented.

Funds are raised by sales of merchandise via our two Tangerine Trading Posts in the lower tiers of the Eddie Thompson and George Fox stands in Tannadice, functions and, of course, membership fees.

You can become a member of ArabTRUST for just £15 a year at either of the two Tangerine Trading Posts or by clicking HERE