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Society Board: Dave Mulholland

Dave Mulholland

David attended his first United match at the tender age of 6.  He followed in the footsteps of his late father who was a die hard Arab who ensured his sons were regulars at Tannadice. 

He has many fond memories of some great games involving United both at home and away.  He remembers the first game against Barcelona at home when he and several hundred others managed to sneak in when the stewards opened the gates due to overcrowding in the street outside. 

David joined the army at 16 but this did not stop him from returning to Dundee at every opportunity to see his beloved team. 

He had many a cross word with his wife when he was explaining how important it was for him to fly from Cyprus (at a cost of several hundred pounds) to see United play in both the Scottish Cup final and the UEFA Cup final in the same week!




David has now returned to his native Dundee having served for 31 years in the regular army.  He now works at the University of Dundee where he advises undergraduates on the career opportunities available to them as officers in the Armed Forces. 

David joined ArabTRUST's Board in 2005 and assumed the responsibility for organising events.  He was instrumental in putting together the 'We Won The League At Dens' 25th Anniversary function at the Friary which was a huge success and raised a considerable sum for ArabTRUST causes.

He was elected ArabTRUST Chairman at the AGM in February 2009 but stepped down in August 2009 to give his time to the UNITED for ALL charitable organisation.

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Twitter: @Djmulholland