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Who's Who: ArabTRUST Life Members

ArabTRUST Life Members

Alistair ‘Breeks’ Brodie is the one and only ArabTRUST Life Member. Breeks stood down from the ArabTRUST Board in February 2010 after 8 years of service running the merchandise fund raising operation.

Breeks was given the Life Membership honour in recognition of his outstanding and immeasurable contribution to ArabTRUST.

Breeks was a foundation member and had raised a massive amount of money during his time being in charge of the ‘Tangerine Trading Posts’ in the George Fox and Eddie Thompson stands, with his wife Stella always by his side.

His hard work was also recognised by Dundee United at the 2010 Hall of Fame dinner. Having raised over £75,000 for ArabTRUST and to recognise this contribution, Breeks was presented with a bottle of Centenary Whisky by United Chairman Stephen Thompson and an invitation to be match day guests of the Club before chants of 'speech' meant that Breeks had little choice but to take to the stage to say a few words.

For a man who was unprepared, he immediately broke into a passionate and articulate address about the importance of ArabTRUST and was keen to impress just how much ArabTRUST do for United.

He was on fine form and delivered the best speech of the evening. He rejoined his wife Stella back at the ArabTRUST table to a deserved applause becoming of a man who has given an immeasurable amount of his time, effort, passion and skill to ArabTRUST.


Breeks is the owner of Groucho's, the three-time winning Independent City Centre Retailer of the Year award.

He now devotes his time and energy to this second-hand record shop and ticket agent, a Dundonian institution. ArabTRUST still holds a special place in his heart, as Groucho's still sells ArabTRUST merchandise and event tickets.

Born in 1953 and brought up in Edinburgh, as a young lad he spent alternate Saturdays at Easter Road or Tynecastle until he was old enough to go and see his team – Glasgow Rangers.

Around his late teens/early twenties he found the sectarianism that surrounded supporting his team wasn’t to his liking so he made a decision to quit as a supporter and became more involved with music, moving to Dundee by accident in 1976 and opening Groucho's.

He got friendly with one of his regular customers, Bowie fanatic John Reilly, and started supporting his mate’s team. Always working on a Saturday, he was only able to go to midweek games so has great memories of United v Roma and none of United v Morton.

When he was invited to join ArabTRUST, he saw there were opportunities to raise funds via merchandising and all the years as a shopkeeper would pay off as the range of goods increased as did the profits going back into ArabTRUST.

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