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If you know it, please include your ArabTRUST membership number in any correspondence.

Davie Lowe - Secretary and all general enquiries -

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ArabTRUST - The Dundee United Supporters Society,
PO Box 10053,

Tweet us - @arabtrust1909

Colin Stewart - Associate Director -

Steven Hughes - Chairman -

Gavin Muir - Treasurer -

Avril Muir - Membership Secretary -

Mark McMahon - Federation of D.U.S.C. Rep -

David Baxter - Merchandise -


Instantly connect with fellow ArabTRUST members by requesting to join our Members Only Facebook group, click HERE (not to be confused with our Facebook page which is open to all).

Ever wanted to have your say to Chairman Stephen Thompson?

ArabTRUST is Dundee United's third biggest shareholder, this means that ArabTRUST members have the second biggest say at Dundee United Football Club.

ArabTRUST was set up to give Dundee United's fans a REAL voice in every aspect of the clubs operations, from what happens on the pitch to how the money is spent.

ArabTRUST is YOUR voice to Stephen Thompson and the other directors. No other Scottish Premiership football club gives its fans more of a say than Dundee United, and that's at the very foundation of why ArabTRUST was set up in 2003.

To have your say, get in touch via