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League reconstruction statement from ArabTRUST

League reconstruction statement from ArabTRUST

Posted Sunday 27th January 2013

Representatives from ArabTRUST met with Chairman Stephen Thompson this week to discuss the ongoing league reconstruction and a number of areas in respect of Dundee United.

Following a constructive discussion we have advised the club that we are not in favour of rushing through the introduction of all of the proposed changes in summer 2013.

We believe that within the overall proposals to reconstruct the leagues there are some good principles, such as the redistribution of wealth and the simplification of the governing bodies.

We see no see no reason why these should not be undertaken at the earliest opportunity. However, we think it is grossly unfair that clubs are being asked to vote on this matter, when little detail or any alternatives have been provided, and where it appears to be a take it or leave it scenario.

It is imperative that further detail is provided to fans on the league reconstruction proposals. How can we propose to buy season tickets for 2013/14 when we have no idea who we are going to see for the entire price we are paying?

Given that clubs – and supporters - have not been offered any alternative structures to consider, or any vision on the longer term shape of Scottish football, we call on the SFA to provide leadership by bringing a period of reflection and detailed consultation before any decision is made.

As we have said before, supporters are the lifeblood of the game and whilst the authorities have mostly failed to listen to date, we are encouraged that United have listened to our views.

We also discussed with the Chairman the operations of the club. He shares our view that the costs of the club must continue to be reduced so that we move to a break even position at the earliest opportunity.

The huge investment made in the youth system is starting to pay dividends and we were greatly encouraged that the United Board shares the vision that the players coming through this will get the chance to develop further within a first team environment under the next manager.

It was also confirmed that the club remain fully supportive of working in partnership with ArabTRUST, the Federation of Dundee United Supporters' Clubs and the Dundee United Business Club to continue to raise the funds required to redevelop Gussie Park, the home of the Youth Development squads.

Finally, we call on all Arabs to get right behind the team for the rest of the season in order that we can help achieve success on the park. The level of success is crucial to the playing budget that will be available to our new manager.

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