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New merchandise for winter 2012/13

New merchandise for winter 2012/13

Posted Monday 22nd October 2012

Coming soon to our Webshop and Tannadice Tangerine Trading Posts are some fantastic new items to beat the winter chill.

Firstly, our new and improved Santa hat which will be £6 or 2 for £10.

Recently, we posted three different scarf conceptions on our Facebook page and asked you to vote for the one you liked the most. The overwhelming majority went for 'option C' and as promised, it's now been produced and this fantastic new 'Proud To Be An Arab' design will retail at £8.

The fresh additions continue with our brand new gloves. Branded with our distinctive Nomad emblem, these snug tangerine and black mitts will be just £5.

Also in the pipeline, a brand new Ralph Milne 'Legend' t-shirt and a fresh consignment of our popular Premier Division Champions replica flags for the December derby.

In the meantime, check out are existing range of merchandise via Thanks in advance for your support. Every single last penny raised will go toward our youth and community initiatives.

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