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ArabTRUST Car Boot Sales at Gussie Car Park

ArabTRUST Car Boot Sales at Gussie Car Park

Posted Monday 27th August 2012

ArabTRUST's major new fundraising initiative in aid of the new project to upgrade and resurface Gussie Park will commence this Sunday and every Sunday from 8am until 12 noon.

The cost per car is £10 and we will also have a pitch selling ArabTRUST merchandise, memorabilia and other items.

All proceeds from the cost per car and ArabTRUST's pitch will go towards the Gussie Park project.

ArabTRUST will be happy to accept any donated items - football related, general household or bric-a-brac, to help raise funds in this way.

Items can be donated on the day at the ArabTRUST pitch or by contacting

Thanks in advance for your kind support.

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