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A United for All appeal

A United for All appeal

Posted Saturday 28th July 2012

An exiled Arab in Canada recently donated the cost of an adult and child season ticket to United for All. They duly asked for nominations to receive this fantastic opportunity and were overwhelmed by some of the heartbreaking and worthy cases submitted.

They of course could only pick one from the many and were just about to do so when they heard about an initiative by Grant King.

Grant had decided to start fundraising by setting up a Facebook page and asking his mates to donate what they could to try and get enough for a season ticket package.

United for All offered to help so that he could use their JustGving page and also a JustTextGiving service as well.

The response to Grant's Facebook page was immediate and raised well over £400 in less than a week due to the generosity of his friends.

That got UfA thinking that they could probably do the same with a number of other groups on both messageboards and Facebook groups. So here goes:

UfA are hoping that the kind folk who post on ArabTRUST's online platforms can find a few pounds to donate to help buy more season tickets for worthy individuals.

If you can help in any small way, please do: It won't take long to get to the £345 total with the size ArabTRUST's online audience.

UfA think that this cause would appeal to ArabTRUST audience:

"Hi, I'd like to nominate my sister in law and her 6 year old son for the free season tickets for this season.

"He loves the football but is in danger of becoming a Dundee supporter. His mum can't afford to take him to the games and this would allow them to go to every home game and ensure he doesn't turn to the blue side of the street.

"His Mum's fiancé is a Dundee fan and she is desperate for her son to stay an Arab like the rest of the family. So please give what you can to save this young United fan from a life of despair if he is forced to follow the blue side of the city!"

To donate, click HERE or text ARAB65 to 70070 followed by £10, £5, £4, £3, £2 or £1. The text message is free and all you are charged is what you donate.

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