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ArabTRUST AGM 2012 notice

ArabTRUST AGM 2012 notice

Posted Tuesday 10th July 2012

2012 Election Notice

ArabTRUST - The Dundee United Supporters Society, have started the annual process of holding elections to the Board in time for the Society’s Annual General Meeting to be held on Thursday 16th August 2012 at 7pm at Tannadice Park, Dundee.

The Board members standing for re-election this time are:

David Mulholland, Board member

David Baxter, Board member (currently co-opted)

The Board wishes to give ArabTRUST members full information so that the process is seen to be open and fair, and to help members get involved if they wish to do so.

In accordance with the standing election rules adopted by the Board, nominations are invited for election to these positions by the nominations return date of Monday 23rd July 2012.

Nominations are open from all current ArabTRUST members aged over 18 and must be made on the official form available from the ArabTRUST Secretary by email at

The nominee must be proposed by 2 current ArabTRUST members. Completed forms should be sent to the Returning Officer, ArabTRUST, Tannadice Park, Dundee, DD3 7JW or to the Returning Officer c/o

To ensure the independence of the election process, ArabTRUST has appointed Mr. Stuart Galloway, who is a professional elections officer, to act as Returning Officer for this election. Mr. Galloway has kindly agreed to give his services free of charge.

As there are up to 5 vacant positions on ArabTRUST's Board, only if there are more nominations received than current vacancies will a postal ballot of the membership be held.

The election rules can be found HERE . To save funds, election notifications to the members will be made by either email or our website as far as possible.

Failure to follow the nomination requirements may invalidate the nomination. Please bear in mind that leaving submission of nomination papers until the latest date will prevent us from getting in touch to try to correct any errors invalidating nomination papers.

Stuart Galloway

Returning Officer

10th July 2012

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