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Chance of a half-time!

Chance of a half-time!

Posted Sunday 8th July 2012

In conjunction with our friends at Dee4Life, we're going to have a 10 second challenge at half-time at Dens on Saturday 14th July.

We need 5 players representing ArabTRUST and indeed Dundee United!

Tangerine pride is very much on the line after ArabTRUST lost to Dee4Life on half-time penalties at the last Derby friendly in November 2009. Here's your chance to put it right!

So if you want the opportunity to score at the Ralph Milne end, please email

Also keep in mind that this Saturday, tickets for ArabTRUST's Europa draw will be available from the Shankly concourse pre-match and in Club 83 where the band Brass Monkeys are playing from 1pm.

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