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A joint statement from ArabTRUST, The Federation & DUBC

A joint statement from ArabTRUST, The Federation & DUBC

Posted Thursday 21st June 2012

Representatives from ArabTRUST, the Federation of Dundee United Supporters' Clubs and the Dundee United Business Club met tonight with Chairman Stephen Thompson to discuss the results of the recent canvass of their members on the newco situation.

Almost 100% of ArabTRUST members polled stated that a newco application to the SPL should be refused and this was repeated in a similar exercise with Federation Clubs and the Business Club. Some 45% of those polled indicated that they would not purchase their season tickets if a newco was admitted. A further 16% indicated they were still undecided as to how a yes vote would affect their season ticket purchase. Some 63% stated they would cancel their SKY subscription if the broadcaster withdrew its coverage of the SPL, with a further 11% undecided on this issue.

Following a full and frank discussion and a constructive exchange of views, we are delighted that the Club has now confirmed that, taking all of these and other factors into account, they will not vote in favour of a newco application to the SPL.

We now call upon all of those Dundee United supporters who indicated that they were waiting on confirmation of this before purchasing a season ticket, to now get behind the Club and purchase their season ticket before the end of this month.

Click HERE for the official United statement.

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