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SFA Supporters Workshop

SFA Supporters Workshop

Posted Thursday 26th April 2012

The Scottish FA is ready to reach out to supporters across the country to create a new Scottish Football Charter for implementation next season.

The charter is a key objective of the Joint Action Group formed earlier this season to improve behaviours across the game. The process is a joint venture between the Scottish FA and Scottish Government and will be led by James Proctor, the former development manager of Supporters DirectScotland.

James has joined the Scottish FA on a six-month government secondment and will be tasked with speaking to various stakeholders across the game before publishing the charter. Feedback from supporters at all levels of the game will be integral to the implementation of a viable charter to promote positive behaviours for fans, clubs, players and coaches.

Dates have already been made to conduct a series of supporter workshops across the country and Proctor believes open and honest dialogue is key to the success of the project.

“The charter will be an agreement between fans and clubs along with football and safety authorities to develop each other’s rights and responsibilities,” he explained. “This will be achieved through joint discussion, which itself will be a major tool for the establishment of dialogue between the different groups involved in football.

”My job is to guide the development of a charter that will help to make going to games a more enjoyable experience and as part of that I want to hear from fans about their experiences - the good and the bad. So, I’m going around Scotland speaking to fans directly and using this information to influence the development of the charter and build relationships between supporters, clubs and authorities.

”I am very aware that any project of this nature which seeks to discuss behaviour at and around games can set the alarm bells ringing. But I have been encouraged by my discussions with football, safety, government and policing authorities that there is a real desire to see supporters as an equal partner in this project.”

Workshop dates

Tue 1 May - Caledonian Stadium, Inverness
Thu 3 May - Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Thu 10 May - St. Mirren Park, Paisley
Tue 15 May - Tannadice Stadium, Dundee
Tue 22 May - Fir Park, Motherwell

All events will run from 7.30 pm to 9 pm.

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