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End of season sale at our Tangerine Trading Posts

End of season sale at our Tangerine Trading Posts

Posted Wednesday 25th April 2012

Grab a bargain at ArabTRUST’s massive end of season sale, starting this Saturday in our Tangerine Trading Posts located in the lower concourses of the Eddie Thompson and George Fox Stands.

All proceeds go towards ArabTRUST’s fund raising efforts on behalf of the Dundee United youth programme.

Some of the bargains on offer:

· Jim McLean Legend t-shirts – now only £5.00. Save £5.00

· Greatest Ever United team t-shirts (pictured) - now only £6.00. Save £4.00

· 1987 25th UEFA Cup Final Anniversary Souvenir Print - now only £5.00. Save £2.00

· ArabTRUST Hall of Fame Mug - now only £6.50. Save £1.50

· Beautiful Sunday Tee shirts - now only £4.00

· We recommend a second cup Mug - now £4.00. Save £1.00

· Hall Of Fame Badge pack - now £2.00. Save £2.00

· Key Rings - now £1.00. Save £1.00

· Car Stickers - only 50p

 Also in stock this week, GM-S t-shirts now available in tangerine at only £10.00!

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