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A joint message from ArabTRUST & The Federation

A joint message from ArabTRUST & The Federation

Posted Friday 13th April 2012

The Chairmen of ArabTRUST and the Federation of Dundee United Supporters' Clubs would like to stress to their members that there is no division between the two organisations on the basic principles behind the need for stricter financial fair play rules for the SPL.

Further, both groups fully support moves to introduce a more democratic voting structure within the SPL and recognise that the vast majority of Scottish football supporters do not wish to see any club receive preferential treatment with regard to financial fair play or in facing the consequences of any breaches in the rules.

Both organisations will continue to make their views known on these matters through the appropriate channels and representatives from each organisation hope to meet shortly to discuss the merits of a collective approach to these issues.

Scott Innes (Federation) & Derek Robertson (ArabTRUST)

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