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Sectarian Chanting

Sectarian Chanting

Posted Wednesday 20th April 2011

Members of ArabTRUST have reported that illegal sectarian chants were sung by 'fans' of Glasgow Rangers at Tannadice Park last night.

These chants were heard throughout the stadium and ArabTRUST condemns these so-called supporters who bring down their football club and tarnish the reputation of our national sport.

ArabTRUST has accordingly reported the matter to the relevant authorities.

Amongst many deplorable chants, at 9.06 pm, the following could clearly be heard in the stadium and on BBC Radio Scotland:

We are Rangers
Super Rangers
No one likes us
We don’t care
We hate Celtic
F****n b******s
We will chase them anywhere

We now challenge both the SFA and UEFA to take action. These chants have also been reported to Tayside Police and we await the outcome.

We are fully aware that many Glasgow Rangers supporters share our concerns.

It is time that both sectarianism and bigotry are ended in Scottish football, and Scottish society as a whole.

We invite all supporters' trusts to join together so that we may eradicate such vile prejudices.

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