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ArabTRUST Investment Now Totals Over £200,000


The overall amount provided to Dundee United by ArabTRUST is around £200,000 since 2003. A significant proportion of this total amount has, of course, been in respect of the purchase of new shares on behalf of its members, consolidating the Trust’s position of the second largest shareholder in Dundee United, outwith the Thompson family.


However, ArabTRUST has also provided essential funding and sponsorship for specific  projects and initiatives, which might never have been implemented without the financial support of ArabTRUST. These annual sponsorship amounts are such that ArabTRUST is now regarded as one of the official sponsors of Dundee United.




ArabTRUST has also provided non monetary support in terms of undertaking anti racism and anti bigotry seminars for schoolchildren, resource assistance at peak periods and other valuable assistance of a general nature to the Club.



The main initiatives, sponsorships and community benefits which ArabTRUST has funded and supported over the last few years can be summarised as follows:


- Purchase of new shares in Dundee United Football Club.

- The supply and sponsorship of full kit for all of the Dundee United non professional youth teams.

- Funding of Youth Development brochures.

- Funding for mini buses to be used for youth and community services.

- Development and start up costs for ArabZONE.

- Supply of essential software and hardware for Manager’s video match analysis system.

- Principal sponsorship of new Community Schools Coaching Programme.

- Sponsorship of the annual Dundee United Hall of Fame event.

- United for Kids funding.

- The Fans’ Derby.

- Anti Racism and Anti Bigotry seminars for schools.

- Football tournaments for local primary schoolchildren – in partnership with Dundee City Council.

- Sponsorship of Dundee Primary Schools Football Association.

- Administer the Heather Hird appeal.

- Dundee City Council community coaching subsidy to provide free or reduced participation for children who otherwise could not afford to take part.

For a year by year history and major ArabTRUST milestones, click HERE and view the 'History by year' section.


Dundee United Chairman Stephen Thompson: “We are indebted to the members of ArabTRUST for all of their valuable support over the last few years.


"It is perhaps not always appreciated just how much support and funding ArabTRUST has provided to the Club and, indeed, all of the hard work undertaken to not only raise the funds, but also to undertake all of the other activities supported by them.


"I’d therefore like to take this opportunity to thank all of the members of ArabTRUST and its hard working Board for their invaluable support and assistance.


"I’d also encourage more supporters to join and help them expand and develop further.”